About FBWD Hosting

Small Business WordPress Websites in Alabama.

Website ComponentsFBWD Hosting offers affordable small business WordPress websites that allow clients to grow into their own webmasters or have us maintain your site for a small fee. We are always available to provide the full array of services, should you become too busy working on your “day job” to put in the hours necessary for a robust website. We are owned by Foggy Bottom Web Design.

In-house we refer to FBWD Hosting as Foggy Bottom Web Design 2.0. What we mean by that is that our services have grown to include features in every website that used to be highly specific coding written for clients that could afford the development time involved.  Our clients are as tenacious as a bulldog when it comes to getting what they need on their sites.

    1. All of the FBWD Hosting sites include:

    2. Database driven sites that allow for user memberships.
    3. Blogging that can be either two-way communication or single broadcasting.
    4. Mobile enabled sites that auto-detect the type of browser being used and deliver pages built for those specific moments.
    5. SEO, search engine optimized, code to help your website dominate for the keyword phrases that you think your clients will use.
    6. 5). Social media integration for Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

Big Business Features on a Small Business Budget

We don’t just make you a website. Our consultative approach seeks to tailor your website to the type of business that you are building. We have clients from coast to coast, but each one we know by the quality of the website they required.

When they get excited about what we have done for them, we relish the moment. Contact John Langlois at 256-776-1499 for a discussion about what we can do for you.